Life is about…

Life is about self-discovery.  Life is about perseverance.   Life is about the spirit of love.

I’ve lived through 30-years of my life and I feel that I need to write a journal about my past, the things that I go through now and the thoughts and ideas I have for the future.  I need a space that I can express myself and have my views be heard, in some way.

In my posts, you’ll get a slice of Arnold.  It’s thoughts, ideas, views that been buried deep and it hardly gets anywhere but in my head, in my room or in my living space.

Please read through the posts with an open mind.  You may like or dislike, agree or disagree with me and it’s ok.  I’m not trying to change anything or anyone.

This is the perfect medium for you and I to interact with each other.  If you read something that you like, share it with others at the dining table and bring awareness to the subject.  And if it’s something that you don’t agree or like, I’m more than happy to hear your views through the comments.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading…

Arnold M.


7 thoughts on “Life is about…

  1. Life is three parts, the first 30 years ,no fear, the second 30 years ,yes some fear, or doubts ,or hesitation ,the last 30 years ,regrets? or no regrets?!


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