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Destinée or Desperate?

I was scrolling down YouTube videos and pre-video advertising popped up: Cartier – Destinée. You can watch it on YouTube @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toDuu5l5Y9w.

On a lighter note, going to comment on this advertising for Cartier. I’m not a marketing or and advertising expert. I am strictly sharing my views. You may agree or disagree. We all have our opinions and views. Let’s respect each other. Here are my views and you can express yours by commenting, sharing, liking, reposting etc…

An advertising material whether it may be a print ad, an email blast, a Facebook post, a YouTube video to a full television commercial; there should be a specific message to be told about the product or service. Depending on what the marketing plan entails, the advertising acts as a tool to achieve the goals of the plan. All advertising, especially television commercials and now with YouTube videos, it should somehow also triggers some sort of emotion, any kind of emotion for the viewer. The emotion triggers attention, awareness, possibly a desire and that is the success of a advertising.

From this Cartier advertising, it definitely achieved a few objectives. It got my attention enough to be commenting about it. It definitely conveys a strong message that is screaming out loud: I’m desperate to capture the market share for the Greater China market segment. It does have a tad bit of emotional appeal with a Caucasian, assuming a French gentleman attempting to speak Putonghua. I felt it was extremely cheesy and tacky; but I guess it appeals to the new generation of rich from the Chinese market segment. Furthermore, the obvious casting with an Asian female actress for the leading role is a dead giveaway for the Chinese market segment.

There’s nothing wrong with trying to target the Greater China market. Everyone wants a piece of it as it is the second largest economy in the world and probably in less than another 5-8 years, it will become the number one. You name it, from Starbucks to Apple to Mercedes-Benz… almost everyone is trying to sow their seeds now and grow with along with market in time to be number one and harvest the crop.

If you have seen the other Cartier videos on YouTube, you would probably feel the same way that this Destinée is more desperate than anything. It’s completely off tangent from the other advertising videos. The expression of love and passion is a lot more apparent by comparison. The storyboard on the other videos are more interesting and dynamic. It seems like a lot more effort and more work has put into the other ones with more scenes and sets that are required to film the video.

You can watch the other Cartier videos @ http://www.youtube.com/user/Cartier

I can see advertising is separated by region to accommodate to the demographics, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. However, does it have to be so obvious in the message of the advertising? The message of the Cartier engagement and wedding rings is a message on love, passion and commitment between two people. Somehow, I just do not feel any thing like that from the Destinée video but more an attempt to appeal to the Chinese market.

(On a side note: I like this one the most – L’Odyssée de Cartier @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaBNjTtCxd4 ; but this is different as it’s for the entire brand and the other ones are probably only for engagement/wedding rings…)

Teaspoon of Sugar (2)

I was getting a cup of coffee from McDonald’s in Hong Kong, China and was handed a two sachets of “Pure Sugar” with the clear trademark of McDonald’s and copyright 1983 McDonald’s Corporation. Nothing wrong with that until it was printed with “one teaspoon” of measure. I picked up the sachet and immediately felt that it is more than one teaspoon. How do I know? It is from my training in the food service industry that tells me this. I poured it into the deep-bowled type of spoon, a cutlery mostly used in Chinese cuisine. The noticeably difference in the amount for one teaspoon is obvious.

I made a YouTube video, see for yourself a measure of “one teaspoon” at: http://youtu.be/t20Avp2I0MA

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