Passive Aggressiveness on being a ‘TRUE’ Leader/Statesman…

Thatcher_Pierre-Antoine Donnet:Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Photo Credits:  Taken from International Herald Tribune.  Pierre-Antoine Donnet/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images  (Margaret Thatcher meeting Deng Xiaoping in Beijing, in 1982)

North Korea Threatens U.S. Military Bases in the Pacific
Choe Sang-Hun of New York TImes on 21 March 2013

“Such fears increased on Wednesday, when a hacking attack originating from an Internet address in China caused a widespread shutdown, paralyzing about 32,000 computers at South Korea’s two largest public broadcasters, an all-news cable channel and three banks.”

This is the kind of tactics that shows the apparent trait of ‘PASSIVE AGGRESSIVENESS’.  What bothers me is that the Chinese and North Korea never takes a stance on conflicts and issues that not only affects regional security and safety of civilians, but also on issues that affects the entire planet Earth, such as carbon monoxide and dioxide emissions.  While playing indifferent and asking all other nations to be calm and solve issues through peaceful talks – these nations exercise their continuous ‘passive aggressive’ tactics to threat over neighboring nations; such as listing South China Sea on the newest versions of travel documents to pre-emtive nuclear attack threats.

Maybe it’s time for a ‘extra-strengh’ FIREWALL for our nation along with allies to monitor hackers attacking at every possible source from classified documents, private sector business strategies, to bombarding e-mail servers with spam.  What’s next…?  I believe that a government issued contract to build both software and hardware to secure communications for our nation.

Being a true ‘statesman’ and a ‘leader’ is a person and/or nation that has dignity and integrity; plus the heart of caring and loving humankind and our planet Earth.  Draw your own conclusions over the depicted photo above…


North Korea’s Style of Brain-Wash

North Korea’s Style of Brain-Wash

Nothing against the language.  The narrator is so melodramatic… She should audition for a role on Broadway!  Plus, just listen carefully to the pace of the narration – it starts off with preparing to stir up emotions and it ends with ‘verbal diarrhea’… Oh, might like to ask Pixar to do better animation and rendering…

Beginning to an End of the HIV Epidemic?

HIV may be ‘functionally cured’ in some

(Elizabeth Landau: CNN)

My thoughts after reading the article:

If early treatment of antiviral medication works for 10-15% of the patients seems like it’s ‘functionally cured’ maybe more research should be done on a medication that can be taken prior sexual activities.  Just like a hormonal birth control pills for women?  Possibly, an antiviral that blocks the receptors that HIV targets; PLUS some sort of drug that kills the virus.  Hence, there’s defensive and aggressive care to block the transmission of HIV…?

As mentioned above that current medication are mostly ‘blocking’ CD-4 white blood cells’ receptors from the HIV virus.  I was thinking how certain seafood, such as crustaceans can be transported through long distance as long as the water is gradually decreased to a temperature where the crustacean goes dormant.  That made me thinking, what if the person becomes dormant.  Laugh Out Loud – obviously impossible as the human body and brain consists of way too many complex organs to be in a dormant state – we’re not filming the next chapter of Wolverine or any of the X-Men!  However, what if there’s a medication that tricks the HIV virus that all the CD-4 cells are already dead – or in a dormant state?  Would the virus still be acknowledging that it’s still can be attacked?  Or would it simply goes through our extensive liver and kidney cleaning capabilities – expelled to find an alternate host?

A possible lead to end this ‘SILENT’ epidemic…