An Eclectic Array of Trash Cans in Manhattan

I’ve notice that the trash cans in Manhattan are just as much as a melting pot.

Uptown and midtown has mostly the flower basket green ones.

Lower midtown to downtown have the old and beaten up ones from the 80-90’s.

Downtown has some revised version of the old and beaten up ones.

Then there are some randomly placed compacting ones here and there. So as the recycling blue and lime green ones (except in parks which are a little more to be seen).


I thought that with Friday’s Supreme Court ruling on issues on same-sex marriage is another historical step toward civil rights and equality and yet then, we are probably stepping half a step backward just looking at the trash cans.  Just because you live in a posh and upscale neighborhood, does it mean that you get the heavy duty stainless steel trash cans that are emptied more often while the one who live in the less desirable and/or older part of town gets the crap from the rich that’s overflowing the trash cans more than you think.  Maybe segregation has moved on to not just ‘RACIAL PROFILING’ but toward ‘INCOME LEVEL’ and soon possibly be on the LGBT demographic because the huge boom of marriages and some are still fixated on the definition of ‘MARRIAGE’ is a ‘HOLY MATRIMONY’ between a man and a woman.

Please refer to my previous blog post on this topic (Definition of Marriage).

While on this subject, Yes – The Bible mentioned a marriage is a ‘HUSBAND’ and a ‘WIFE’.  My argument here is when gender roles are so blurred these days with both working mom and dad, both taking care of their children, both are breadwinners of a household.  Then, before those who want to define ‘MARRIAGE’ as between a man and a woman – then, they should define the the roles of ‘HUSBAND’ and ‘WIFE’ in today’s world?  ‘HUSBAND’ and ‘WIFE’ is basically the same thing to me these days, it’s just that The Bible is written so long ago that the definition of ‘gender roles’ were none existent back then.  Here are some quotes from The Bible that I find interesting:


Proverbs 20:6-7

Many a man claims to have unfailing love, but a faithful man who can find?  The righteous man leads a blameless life; blessed are his children after him.

Mark 10:6-9

“But at the beginning of creation God ‘made them male and female.’  ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife,  and the two will become one flesh.’ So they are no longer two, but one.  Therefore what God has joined together, let man not separate.”

Hebrews 13:4-7

Marriage should be honored by all, and the marriage bed kept pure, for God will judge the adulterer and all the sexually immoral…


Excuse me, ran off topic completely… I thought that it’s Gay Pride Parade in New York City today that I’d thought I’d like to contribute my opinion and views rather than going all ‘RARRGH…!’ with a fist held up high ranting on how one is supporting gay rights/same-sex marriage in a speech that felt empty with no substance. That it felt more like a PR stint to get media coverage more than anything.  Think Harvey Milk please: “Walk the Walk, Talk the Talk” and truly fought a battle for himself and for the rest of LGBT’s.  It took him years of hard work, planning and sacrifices and it’s not just one speech to show support that would change the world, unless you’re Harvey Milk yourself.


I really want to ask the Mayor, how much does it cost to have it all unified?  If steel/stainless steel/alloys are too expensive, then a version of recycled aluminum wire mesh as the body with a poured concrete mould would do the trick?  With additional recycling ones that look and made the same way but just in the blue and lime colors?


Besides, half of any spotted trash cans are filled with recyclable waste – paper and plastic cups from our too much convenience that we forgot how the entire recycling program was stressed in the 80-90’s.


Furthermore, I definitely think there is a need to develop faster biodegradable bin liners.  We use way too much plastics that keeps making an archeological phenomenon centuries down the road because the rate that it decomposes is too slow.


Just because we’ve been doing things the same way doesn’t mean there’s no room for improvement.

One of the versions of the old and beaten up ones…
There are even older versions in SOHO/ Village neighborhoods.
Evernote Snapshot 20130630 085324
 Downtown style trash cans…
Evernote Snapshot 20130630 081238
The posh ones if you live in one of the better neighborhoods…
These are a standard in Chicago, but only scattered randomly in New York City…
Evernote Snapshot 20130630 084242
I’ve never seen this version until today…
Evernote Snapshot 20130630 085448
Again, randomly scattered recycling bins…
Evernote Snapshot 20130630 085419
See? This is what I mean. Mostly recyclable consumer waste from quick service restaurants…
These restaurants promote recycling and recycling packaging/utensils…
It’s just us who completely forgot because we are too busy, too in a hurry…
We have too much convenience that we became lazy…
To recycle,
To get take-out ourselves around the corner and rely on the poor kid who is the server…
Plus prep-cook, plus delivery man at your neighborhood independent crepe place…
To get groceries from the store, point and click having it delivered,
while we sit and do nothing but fumble on social-media…
Even when you do go get the groceries, for the upscale groceries store…
you’d like to have the staff trolley it out to and hail a cab, place the bags for you.
Evernote Snapshot 20130630 083759
Lastly, these black and thick plastics are durable where you can drag them half a mile and it won’t tear.
Then what if buildings and shop owners provide a small fold up cart,
which cost minimal compared to the rent to dispose bags, eh?
Evernote Snapshot 20130630 083332
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Mom’s BMW 7-Series: 728i (E23)

There’s a story to tell on my mother’s 1st-generation BMW 7-series.  That 7-series accompanied me through my childhood years.  It was white, it was the basic entry model version 728i, it has velour fabric upholstery where after the years, I would smack on it and see filaments and dust particles floats in air as the sun shines through the side windows.  Considered my mother’s current height reaches barely over my shoulder, she’s petite – maneuvering the size of a behemoth is pretty impressive!  I’d never sit on the back seat, but always plop myself on the drivetrain hump behind the center console so that I could look forward, the view of objects approaching rather than whizzing across the side.  Besides, it normally makes me dizzy and gives a bit of motion sickness.  I would fumble around on the minimal buttons back in those days.  I would be pressing rewind and forward on the cassette tape radio that on some of them, the Sanyo usually would eat up half the tape.  Songs from Lionel Richie, Diana Ross and Sade were frequent customers on the playlist.  Then, it was Madonna’s True Blue and Canto-Pop from my sibling.


The 7-series was like a combat vehicle.  At the rate and speed that my mom used to function at, we whizzed around in a tank and a getaway vehicle.  Well, I was tiny back then.  Quite hilarious part about this tank is that the office building that my mom had her office had a multi-storey parking garage where when you reach to about 10th/11th floor, cars had to take lift to get more parking.  Before parking monitors and sensors existed, petite sized mom with this behemoth vehicle tries to back up into these lifts and usually the outcome would be scratches on both sides of the 7-series, even with me and sometimes my sibling to act as truck reverse signals… LOL!
The 7-series accompanied my mom and my childhood years.  It never broke down – until the day that my sibling decided to take it out for a spin without a drivers license.  She stolen my mom’s keys somehow.
If I recall correctly, at the time this happened neither of us are probably tall enough to be fully propped up on the driver’s side to reach the gas/brake pedal and being able to have a full 180 degree view of what’s in front, let alone be seeing how long the hood was.  She was smart – it was her so-called boyfriend who drove it.
On a side note about this so-called boyfriend of my sibling:  She took advantage of my childhood savings on the day that my grandma decided to transfer the account back to me by asking to borrow $600 (HKD), equivalent to about $78 (USD), to get this gift of a fountain pen and a bunch of flowers to this so-called boyfriend.  She never returned the money.
The day that the 7-series that broke down was not in a collision of any sort, like my sibling that have had a few times from DUI.  It was completely an acted out accident of my sibling?  She can ask herself that question.
The 7-series had an automatic transmission gearbox.  Therefore, the gear shift is on a vertical layout of P-ark, R-everse, N-eutral, D-rive, 2 & 1 low gears, with a lever and grab the handle/button in order to release the lock before shifting can take place.  The gear shift handle/button and the rod that connects down to the bristles that looks like a large shoe shine, or a toothbrush SNAPPED into two.
I don’t think that in recorded BMW manufacturing/production history that they would use cellophane thin plastics or PVC that would make such a clean and clear break.
Thankfully, the 7-series was parked.  Imagine, the size of my mom, the gear shift in driving/neutral/reverse position and it snapped – not only I would be in panic mode and the idea of pressing full force on the brake pedal, plus pulling on the handbrakes. How long can you hold that position?  Oh, back then – I think it was still the Motorola 8900 series mobile phones (Remember? The self defense block…!), good luck in trying to make an emergency call while stuck in that ‘Simon, Says’ position…
We used to live on a hill.  On top of the hill with gradients on some slopes comparable to San Francisco.  Imagine if it did SNAPPED when you’re trying to down shift to gear 2 or 1.  Again, same panic attack applies.
My sibling would be the only one to know what exactly she did to the BMW 1st-generation 7-series.
The SNAPPED gear shift was while my uncle in town to visit.  He was double the size of my mom.  He was the one who wanted to drive the car.  Thankfully, with his size and force SNAPPED it at the parking garage before it was moving.  A great mechanic/engineer he is – he solved the problem temporarily with a few pieces of bin liner ties and a wine cork…
After all these years have passed, only my sibling will know what kind of accident it was that she may or may not tried to cause a car accident to my mom and possibly me.  There are so many accidents thereafter… and if I only have the resources to dig deeper and find out myself about these accidents.
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The Next Big Thing… Uh, My Penis…!?!

Every time I run into this advertisement, I think – what’s the next big thing?  What’s so big about this thing other than the size of the billboard advertisement of an oversized smartphone that looks like a brick covering half your face?  Other than that, it’s also cumbersome to be using it with one hand while you’re carrying a handful of grocery shopping bags or what not.  Unless you’d like to constantly be on your smartphone, with two hands, walking around the city look like a standing extra on ‘The Walking Dead’ as zombies – all fixated on your smartphone and miss everything that’s happening around you.  Yep, that’s great – not to mention that you’ll likely be hit by the next cab or bus stopping at the curb.

Let’s start with the ad itself first.  Whoever the ad agency who came up with this creative is please do some research before you slap on the phrase ‘The Next Big Thing…’  This smartphone is not the first ever smartphone that revolutionize how we communicate.  It’s just simply a ‘bigger’ version of its previous model with a larger screen and memory, plus the capability of 4G LTE.  How big is that?  SONY Smartphone/Xperia has water resistant capabilities.  Blackberry Z10 released with new typing recognition system.  Motorola Razr claims to be the thinest plus extended battery life.  HTC with great sound for those audiophiles.  Apple iOS gets new version coming soon…

One might argue, yeah – there’s new functions of following eye movements.  As if I would like to be so focused on my smartphone and roll my eyes back and forth to change screens.  I’d look like I’m twitching with some eye focus problems more like it.

Not to mention, it’s just another AMOLED LCD that doesn’t even match any of the Retina display that those who can see the difference is the fluidity of movement when it comes to CG’s, video and motion.  It’s more like stills on frame by frame moving along a series of pixels, it’s particularly obvious if it’s a page full of text in a very fast scrolling pace.  What’s worst is those character sets that are very complicated; it’s just a garbled lump of things moving along the screen, at least to me.

‘The Big Thing’ on this ad is that the marketing/advertising budget is huge.  It’s slapped on to every possible large billboard in major cities with the highest traffic.  Wow, with such dominance in the Asian market, there’s still a need to lavishly spend on such advertising?  Why not develop something that’s truly innovative with that budget on R&D and not basically a copied version of the very first release of another smartphone called iPhone; or on legal fees of trying to claim patent violations of so-called your technology/innovation which is all based on an some-what open source operating system called Android.


When it comes to design, architecture and construction; with the best, I think, from Apple who started it all. (Well, SONY VAIO’s in the late 90’s thru early 00’s)  If you think about it, how many smartphones no longer uses the removable lithium-ion cell?  Why does this ‘next big thing’ still stuck in the 90’s and 00’s era of calling itself the ‘next big thing’ – of the past maybe.  Or maybe it’s because they have some fixed ginormous huge contract for an extended length of time with a certain company in which country/nation?  Which probably means it’s too costly to either break the contract that makes this smartphone manufacturer to continue using the removable lithium-ion cell.  That’s just my theory – I’m probably wrong.

On this note, this makes me think of the Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner.  With years of research and development, design and construction history, I highly don’t think that it’s possible that it’s the matter of the actual product that has a problem that led to the grounding of ANA’s fleet, then the FAA to also issue the same thing on United’s 787 Dreamliner fleet.  To me, it’s probably the specification of the lithium-ion cell that was not made to specification to begin with that caused the overheat and smoking danger.


Please put some standards on manufacturing for those who don’t give the shit – as long as it rolls out the damn manufacturing plant – it looks, feels, works, tastes to whatever adjective the same – who the hell cares about standards, guidelines and specifications?  Forget about Quality Control (QC) and comprehensive testing before sending it out.  By the way, reminder to include as much corners that you can possibly cut – down to the bear minimum of nothing left but only to gain on the revenue and margin.


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