Eternal Life: The Love of your Life



My early morning cigarette on the sidewalk came across this:


It’s not about God nor his Son, Jesus that stirred up my mind.  It’s the ‘eternal life’ that did.  Then I quickly searched ‘eternal life’ on Google, quickly went through it.  I only did go through the books from the New Testament since this verse is from the New Testament.

It seems to me that none of the books really addressed on how to obtain this ‘eternal life’.  This is strictly personal opinion.  Nothing against any religion, faith or belief.


Eternal life, to me, is finding a purpose in life.  The purpose is that God has granted you and me a life to live.


Yes, in scientific terms is the sperm and the egg meets; cells begin to multiply to form an embryo and so forth… But the miracle of a chance that the sperm and the egg meets is by chance or in the hands of God?  Then, one might ask that the miracle that out of all the humans in the world, the opportunity that you and me are able to find the one person that carries the miracle of creating a life is a miracle itself?


I believe that God not only gave us an opportunity to live in this world but that we are all born with a positive outlook in life in living that purpose of doing good deeds.  New borns are all born with the first gasp of oxygen, it’s like a deep breath that we all do when times are tough, doesn’t it?  It tells me that since the day that we are born, life is tough and it’s never easy.  Then, (I think) since I’ve never been in a delivery room, where new borns starts to cry?  An additional aspect that life is not only tough as shit but we are destined to shed quite a few tears with pain.  However, most of us are then cleaned up and wrapped in soft linen and held in the arms of our mothers and fathers.  That’s an encouraging thought, isn’t it?


To me, if the concepts of a positive outlook, a purpose in life, doing good deeds are all in our hearts and mind, aren’t we following the footsteps of the Son of God, Jesus Christ.  This actually came up while I had a discussion with one of my cousin.  She asked me my views on Jesus.  This was what I answered.


Then the question becomes: There’s only one Jesus, one Son of God, or that anyone can be the Son/Daughter of God if we all emulate the good deeds that Jesus did according to his disciples on the different books in The Bible?


‘Eternal life’ might be being able to ‘Rest in Peace’.  Whether heaven exists or not, who knows.  However, being able to be in ‘peace’ is probably that you have nothing in your mind before your last breath on Earth.  The rest is leaving in the hands of God?


This quote comes to mind as I write about this topic:

“To laugh often and much, to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children, to earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends, to appreciate beauty, to find the best in others, to leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded!”

~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Well, what does this quote have to do with anything on ‘eternal life’?  It’s on success.  The success of living a life that has a positive outlook, a purpose in life, doing good deeds is a form of defining success with a condition that you might be able to ‘rest in peace’ that leads to ‘eternal life’ in the hands of God?


One last thought on ‘eternal life’ is being able to be with your loved ones?  Finding those who love you for who you are and you loving them for who they are does help along the tough road in life.  These are the ones that helps us to continue our road to possibly become a son/daughter of God.


Out of the loved ones,
there is always one very special and dear to you?
Who would that be?
The love of your life.




Sale Madness or Over-Producing Mayhem?

Back in the days, again stuck in the 80’s-90’s:  Fashion brands sale period was MUCH shorter.  I recall that sale period doesn’t start until Late-August and ends in Mid-September or so?  Today, walked down Broadway from Canal to St. Mark’s and realize that many lower/mid-end of the segment in fashion are already slashing original retail price from 20% – 40% and some are even marking 70% off (Not sure if it’s just the July 4th Weekend or not…)  It’s only early July and summer days are longer than ever that lasts till Mid-October?


So, why do brands begin their sale period so early these days?

Are we over-producing?


I think that the trend of ‘pushing volume’ needs to be addressed.  I think we are so obsessed in mass-manufacturing/producing that revenue is all based on how much volume we sell and not on the margin of each widget.  This constant obsession of producing more and more goods at the shortest period of time and pushing it into the market; trying to sell it at the same short period of time is to do what?  Meet expectations of quarterly and annual results.  To beat forecasts and estimates.  To meet investors expectations.  To drive continual share prices at a level that sustains only a year at a time.  This is a vicious cycle that drives CEO’s mad, which only drives the entire organization ‘INSANE’ to come up with more product lines and diverse products to increase sales.


To be honest, many products of the same brand becomes so similar with just not even one feature difference but maybe just a tiny little difference.  You start to ask yourself:  Why spend the extra when you don’t need the extra feature?  You spend X-amount more or less, you get almost the same thing.  For those who can spend – it doesn’t make a difference, but i guess for those who are on a budget – every savings count.


I think many companies/organizations need to ‘SLOW DOWN’ the pace of things.  Instead of producing so many widgets that end up that frontline operations need to begin discounting to drive sales, just to what?  Just to cover the cost of goods sold?  Just to keep cash flow afloat?  Just to keep revenue results the same as last annual report?  So that share prices doesn’t drop like a couple percentage points?


Not to mention that when a brand is producing so much just for the sake of producing; then it spends more on marketing and advertising campaigns because you know what?  Without the advertising, the product actually doesn’t make the sales volume or the figures.  If you think about it, if the widget is good enough by itself, why would you need to put it on every single possible media from billboards, TV spots, periodicals, Google adwords, banner ads, spokesperson etc…  Think Apple – they are very selective on advertising.  Apple launches a product and you don’t see ads plastered all over the place.  It’s strategically placed through the launch period with TV ads and billboards.  It disappears for a period of time.  To my guessing, ads re-emerges in small amounts when sales trends drops to remind consumers of the product.  That is what I call effective advertising.


Back to fashion brands, what if each style and order is scaled back to meet closer to the ACTUAL demand for the item?

Would the brand need to discount so early in the season?

Is volume more important? Or, is it margin more important?  Where’s the balance?

If margin can be higher, does it mean that the entire organization can get 1% or more salary increase?

Does it mean that you’re actually helping the economy to boost consumer spending?

Does it mean that you have more retained earnings to re-invest in hardware and on human resources?

When it is scaled back on the amount of pieces of garments produced, does it mean that the manufacturer in Cambodia, Bangladesh, Vietnam and some remaining plants in China are able to have more time before it’s shipped in containers to meet shipping and distribution time schedules?

Does it mean that those who work 8+ hours behind the sewing machine actually gets a breather and probably a happier day when going to work?

Does it mean that each garment can be produced in higher quality than quantity that lasts a bit longer than a season and it’s not as disposable as I mentioned in my previous blog post?

Does it mean that designers actually have more time to brainstorm and come up with more lasting designs that goes through the proper construction methods of perfecting the sample before it goes to production?

Does it mean that there is less of an inventory cost of holding it in warehouses?

Does it mean that there is less inventory that depreciates faster than the shelf life of yoghurt in a grocery store?  Which in turn ends up in outlet stores where it doesn’t even cover the cost of goods sold?

Don’t you think that it’s actually better to produce a widget that it’s like a dish in a restaurant; it’s 86’ed and on the consumer stand point that it’s so delicious that they would come back for the dish again?

Does it mean that CEO’s actually should think more on PLANNING, RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT before it goes onto production lines?

Does it also mean that we are in some ways we are using less Earth’s limited resources – except the human input part, which are just driving ‘busy-work’ and nothing really comes out of it for the sake of just doing it… Then everything becomes so boring and monotonous along this entire chain of vicious cycle.

I guess the above applies to many electronic goods, to many semi-FMCG.

By the way, discounts are like giving a new born baby the first taste of sugar.  Once you start giving them, they can’t to seem have nothing without sugar.  So, the longer of sale periods, the steeper the discounts means there are less and less consumers getting it at full retail price when the widgets are launched.


Investors need to seriously re-evaluate the mentality that whatever they invest in that it will drive a 5%-7%, uh… “MINIMUM” on ROI annually.  Even if there are 6-geese laying; 5-golden rings that’s split between how many investors?  Besides, its only once a year and it’s only in Christmas time.


Strategies, decisions and changes made by the executive team of an organization takes time to trickle down the system.  The larger it is, the longer it takes.  The effect doesn’t come instantly that will meet the ROI that investors expect.  It’s like going to the doctor and you have a choice of a shot/an IV or an oral medication.  Depending on how seriously ill you are – obviously the shot/IV works right away.  Most of the time, the doctor would choose to give oral medication unless you’re in an ER that you’re struggling for your life.


I think many of us have forgotten that investing is not something that should be or is it a quick and fast way to make the most amount of money.  I think it’s maybe the Reagan years and the Clinton years that made us think that investing is like buckets of return just fall out of the sky.  We forgot that at the end of the day it should be a small part of our asset portfolio.  It is being able to work on a job or something that would make a living that would allow savings to be an asset where you can then invest for the long run that comes with fruitful returns as you retire at 65?  (Well, that’s a bit early I guess these days…?)