Military 101 vs. International Relations 101

Having an interest in cars and aeroplanes since a little kid.  I can’t help myself to look at all the cars and aeroplanes whenever possible.  Since I’ve expressed my views on recent car designs, maybe I can talk a bit about aeroplanes… I’m just a newbie on this one – well, at least on military aircrafts.

From commercial propeller Embraer’s to tail-mounted engine Lockheed’s and McDonnell Douglas DC’s to modern jets of narrow and wide bodied Boeing’s, I can probably identify a few as it flies across the sky.  However, on military aircrafts,  there’s only a few that I can name on top of my head:  Top Gun’s F14’s, Desert Storm Apache’s, Invisible Stealth Bomber’s, Largest Transport B-52’s and of late the co-developed F-35’s.
As I thought of military aircrafts, thoughts of the last couple of years with the hype from Chinese Military boasting the J-20 that claims to surpass the performance of US Military F-22’s; the under flight testing of J-31, which too closely resemble the above mentioned F-35; AND buying a former Soviet Union aircraft carrier to refurbish as the latest addition to the People’s Liberation Army Navy fleet.
International relations 101 and shall we analyze for a bit on the Chinese government?
(This is only personal analysis – has no evidence to proof with accuracy on hypothesis)
  • Senkaku / Diaoyu Islands in dispute with Japan.  Meanwhile, silently promoting North Korea to face-off the international community with nuclear missiles.  Who needs to develop nuclear weapons when your neighbor can?  If anything, just ask your neighbor to fire one and let me scratch your back…
  • Latest Chinese passport prints map/region inclusive of South China Sea as China’s region.  Faced criticism from S.E. Asia countries.  But who cares as being one of world’s dominant power and nation?  Just shut-up and follow or else…
  • Military base in Qingdao vicinity, northern part of China that covers Russia, North Korea, South Korea, Japan region.
  • Why would you put a military base smack in the middle of the capital, Beijing?  Therefore, the development of Shanghai with Pudong International Airport (PVG) is that probably the old one, Hongqiao (SHA) would become semi-military base.  This would cover the central region of the country.
  • As much as Hong Kong is one of the busiest airport in the region with the highest volume.  I question when the British suggested the need of a new airport prior to 1997, were there discussions of the Kai Tak Airport to be a domestic airport for flights to/from China and the new HKG International Airport to be international?  Well, shall we take a look at the ‘parallel’ runway layout of HKG.  ‘ALL’ flights arriving at HKG ‘MUST’ fly to about 6,000-ft. altitude at the designated turn around for final descent, where control tower will then advise the aircraft on runway R or runway L for final approach.


  • Of course, the airport max-ed out the number of flights per day because there’s only one path for landing.  Hence, there’s a need for a 3rd runway.  The 3rd runway will make the airport be wide enough to possibly have another path for landing/take-off.  With competitiveness of neighboring S.E. Asia ports such as SIN and BKK – does HK’s own airline (CX/KA) has earnings in recent years that gives the carrier room to further expand it’s fleet with new aircraft leasing and/or purchase?  Hence, are you sure that the 3rd runway is built for commercial/passenger use?  Or is it a plan to have HKG be multi-use airport with a mix of military?  Besides, neighbor city of Guangzhou are now already absorbing international passengers to transit there with lower competitive pricing.


  • If that’s the case, then the South China Sea region is well covered with HKG and Hainan Island as semi air force military base with the additional of aircraft carriers 2-3 more to be added to the Chinese Military as mobile air-force base, which will cover the broad span of coastal areas.
  • Who the hell cares about the west when there’s a huge range of mountains to ward off unwanted visits through land.  Besides, there’s Iran there if there’s anything to fire another nuclear missile.  And Russia up north to scratch your back and scratch my back…?  So as Pakistan and India?


With the latest trends of how the Chinese government is extending their friendly ‘laissez-faire’ and always ‘neutral’ in everything that goes on around the world while silently or blatantly passively-aggressive in planning its military to take a stance in what?  Regional stability?  Global stability?  Or just a front to plan for…?!?  Who knows.  Maybe ask the hackers to hack their own systems to find out…?
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Technological Mess that Advances Human Interaction

There are times that I just want to rip the landline phone out of the wall, grab my smartphone out of my jeans pocket, along with my laptop and throw all of them out the f%^&’in window or to the wall – then stomp on it until it’s all smashed into bits and pieces…


It’s not the hardware that drives me mad.  It’s because some systems annoys the shit out of me.

Telecommunications, Technology, Software Systems/Programs, Applications are supposedly to make our lives easier.  To shorten the time necessary to get a task to be completed so that we have more time to do what we enjoy (efficiency); to spend time with those we care and love (productivity); to interact closer with one another in a meaningful way (social media) – rather than faffing on the phone, computer and Internet for hours and hours to only realize it’s all busy work, unnecessary work that’s a complete waste of time.

Time is money some say, time is valuable – we only live a finite number of years, months, days, hours and seconds.


Imagine: you wanted to contact a service that you use because of an issue/problem arise that’s causing inconvenience to your daily life.  So, you decide the fastest way is to go online, to the website and find solutions.  First, you’ll have to navigate on an entire webpage full of different options to find the ‘FAQ’, then you have to run a search.  Half the time, it doesn’t exactly answer your question.  Then, you have to find out from all the options/tabs/columns/categories to find ‘Contact Us’ and only to find out that within ‘Contact Us’ there’s a million different numbers/e-mail addresses/open HTML forms.

The most common that I’ve noticed is an open HTML form.  You start to type your issue/problem.  To only find out that when you hit ‘send’, the HTML form stalls and freezes with no confirmation whether you have or not send the inquiry.

Ok, there’s a 1-800 number to call.  So you call the number.  You’re greeted with a robotic ‘Sam’ voice with an awkward tone that speeeeeaks in a moonoootonnnne speed that goes through a list of 9-options.  You press a number, then it leads to another 9-options, then another 9-options, then another 9-options… to only figure out that one of the options along this ‘flow chart’ directed you to your question/inquiry being unanswered.  So you hit the ‘*’ button to go back to the ‘main menu’ and try again.  Before you know about it, you’ve exhausted 188 options and still your problem/issue has not been addressed or resolved.

Ending up to press ‘0’ to “speak with a customer representative.  Oh, you think you’re there?  Nope, only to find out you’re number #132 in line to speak with a representative with elevator music playing on the background.  The smartphone starts to heat up and batteries dies before you get to talk to a representative; or the headset is so heated by your ear with a sore neck and shoulder that you need a massage afterwards.

It’s not done yet.  After waiting for an hour on the phone, you speak with a ‘representative’ that handles not just one company/service.  They actually handles quite a few companies/services that are not trained fully to your specific company/service that you have an inquiry on and with so-called ‘customer service’ that is not there to assist the customer with sincere thought of helping but with attitude that is unbearable.  Not to mention, these call center representatives are not equipped or empowered to handle most of the problems/issues that you have but taking you for a ride around a traffic circle and still nothing gets done-addressed-resolved.

You’re heated up to the tip of your head, furious, with hair like a troll doll that you’d like to just grab handfuls of your hair and rip it out – you hang up and still – you are still stuck.

You end up finding the most traditional way of communication on the ‘Contact Us’ page – is a mailing address.  At the end, you go back to the old-school ways of writing a formal business correspondence/letter to the Director of Customer Service and hoping that you’d get a response.

Thankfully that now is automated that you don’t necessarily have to head to the Post Office yourself.  But if you do – you realize your entire morning and probably lunch break is gone and you’ve just completed one task.



On the communication and human interaction side of things, social media is great where we get to ‘find message in a bottle’.  However, in just a matter of what?  Let’s say even in less than a decade where we completely obliterated the importance of actual face-to-face human interaction.  Just because we choose to post whatever we want to post on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc… where it only caused us to be fixated on unstoppable scrolling down the page to be ‘nosey’ sorta-speak on everyone’s every little move.

Because we can get updates almost ‘live’ down to just a few milliseconds of whoever is doing whatever – we forget that there’s such thing as FaceTime that takes a fraction more to connect to actually seeing a ‘live’ version of the person that serves the same purpose.  As a matter of fact, some of us become zombies of social media that we spend an hour each on one site/service.  Just for the three that I mentioned: that’s 3-hours.  That’s your entire morning at work.  Oh, because there’s mobile app version – so while you’re out and about, you’re also obsessed with it.

Since it’s so easy to express everything, literally everything that’s in our lives on social media – we completely forget to ‘THINK’ before we start tapping on the keyboard or screen.  (This includes myself, sometimes…) Our nimble and quick fingers are now so used to hitting the ‘post’ key that it only comes back to haunt us for what we’ve blurted out a few hours ago that went viral over the Internet.  Before you know about it, the media also catches on before you can delete it… and it’s too late.


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