Under the Radar, Then Incognito – Undetected Cancerous Cells

I walked pass a person (twice) in the past couple of days who has resemblance of ‘Lai Changxing’, the Chinese tycoon who lived in Canada for years to be ‘under the radar’ and was extradited back to China for huge sums of corruption charges – that only landed him an ‘out-of-jail’ card in a country that do enforce death row execution.

How does a highly-visible person, who monopolized an entire city/town with under-and-over the table corruption can move to another country to begin with and to be in somewhat ‘incognito’ mode?  Through a travel visa?  Through a student visa?  Through a marriage?  Through a work permit?  Through an investment opportunity?  All of a sudden a person can then claim themselves as a lawful businessman/woman and set forth a basis to establish…?


Lai Changxing


Once an establishment of an identity, an array of assets – such as business, home, bank accounts; plus, seemed to be the ‘All-American-Classic’ family of four with a two car garage and white picket fence.  Then what…?

To only take advantage of our nation’s system to do a whole lot of laundry, through all channels – from small to big assets, from money markets to stocks and bonds; starts in one town/city, to cross State-lines, with affiliates to span across regions and eventually the entire North America.  Meanwhile, to continue the ‘incognito’ lifestyle by staying behind the scenes in their living room, after dinner – over a cigar and whisky to convince others to join with lavishly packaged deals of benefits.

These deals of benefits is no longer a Rimowa briefcase of hard cash that you see in old-school movies.  It all comes in different shape of form, anything that appeals to you, anything that you’re dying to have – that comes in small amounts.  Dose by dose.  Each larger than the one before to only get you hooked and addicted.

One after another, got to you – so does the people around you.   Your friends, your next door neighbor, your family, your colleague, your supervisor, your company… grows to all parts of your life – like malignant cancerous cells.  Before you know about it, it’s already stage 4.  Chemo?  Surgery?  Probably too late…




Let’s say that you’re lucky to find out a lot earlier.  You try to fight and leverage, to only be shoved in your mouth another huge spoon of ‘sugar’  that you can’t resist and have the ultimate sugar-high.  Or, to have your life be completely turned inside out, up-side-down… a complete wreck.

Enough said, just ask any person who recovered from drug abuse or anyone who had an addiction problem.

Back to the macro part of this post on the subject of the Chinese tycoon.  I may have mentioned this on previous post, don’t remember.  Who knows why the Canadian government didn’t put up a fight to charge this tycoon in Canadian soil.  Because there’s no evidence at all whatsoever to pin him to anything fishy while he lived a relatively normal life?

However, his name and his assets, are and were, transferred to Canada through the years?  How easy is it to move things left to right, right to left to our sister nation right next to us?  How did these assets slowly infiltrate and trickle-down from dirty to clean, clean to dirty from he and others on their daily wear and tear clothing?

Why no death sentence ruling is that many of the corrupted assets are now probably all dispersed into a variety of people, to objects, to subjects, to fields, to companies… that his death will not only unable to retrieve and obtain assets back but it’s all tied-up in a complicated network that’s more complex than a spider web with a whole lot of legal and illegal binding, so-called contracts and agreements.


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Unwanted Intruders, Invasion Unwanted.

Since my personal data has been taken from me, time after time, with or without authorization, intentionally or unintentionally, justified or not for the appropriate reason and/or purpose…

Just thought that it’s Thanksgiving and Holiday Season, it’s the time of the year to shop-till-you-drop with all the savings that you just can’t say no to… as lucrative and salivating to you, same goes to those who are hunting for cyber-Internet crime.

Saw this article on USA TODAY,  November 27-28, 2013.

“Cybergrinches are on the Prowl” ~Byron Acohido



“Holiday Shopping has come to mean fielding ‘likes’ from our Facebook friends, and using our smartphones and touch tablets to hunt for bargains and make purchases.  That all translates into a gift-wrapped bonanza for the bad guys.”


Last night, as I was updating my computer – all of a sudden, pop up bounces up with an Adobe Flash Player update.  I did try to update and install, inclusive of another software trial or something like that.  Apparently, downloaded twice and both times failed to install.  I deleted the files and re-installed my OS.

Meanwhile, the number of ‘COOKIES’ that are left on my browser just racks up to hundreds even with just a few sites that I’ve visited.  Here’s a few things for Internet online-shoppers to be aware of:

  • When you are shopping online, be sure that you’re visiting the actual reliable website of the merchant.  There are plenty of ‘masks’ that mimics the genuine one.  If you feel that your Internet connection all of sudden is awfully slow even when using broadband.  PRESS STOP.  SWITCH OFF YOUR ROUTER/MODEM and wait for 10-15 minutes to power on.
  • Or that when you’re visiting a website, not only it’s slow, but all the images and text are loading in one single column, without format and that all the images shows up with a mini square icon of “?”.  Do the same as above.
  • When you’re ready to punch in your personal data.  Be sure that on top of the web browser has ‘HTTPS’.  WITH THE ‘S’ at the end that means ‘SECURED – HTTP’ protocol.  Furthermore, please do press on the ‘HTTPS’ or the ‘MINI LOCK’ icon to check for ‘CERTIFICATION’ that it is ‘VALID’ and issued to the website/merchant that you’re visiting.
  • While you do that, clear ‘cookies’ from your web browser.  Some cookies lingers even after you clear it.  You may have to do it a few times.  THEN RESTART COMPUTER.
  • If you do have a software to ‘CLEAR CACHE’, please run the program and clear the stored cache data on your hard drive.
  • Do clear your RAM (Random Access Memory) of your computer by completely power down the computer and restart.  RAM is temporary storage space for frequently used applications and by the software.
  • For tablets and smartphones, remember to clear the browser ‘HISTORY and COOKIES’ at the end of a session.
  • If you do think that you don’t ever have to power down your tablet/smartphone, you’re wrong.  All the apps that you use, many does store some sort of data in the RAM.  At the end of the day, when you’re home – power down and restart.  Or simply wait till next morning to turn your device on.
  • If your smartphone does have the function ‘RESET NETWORK SETTINGS’, do this once a month.

Here’s a few more reference articles that might help during this Holiday Season to prevent unwanted intruders and invasion of the unwanted!



Tailored Health Supplements – When Necessary?

I was reading stale newspaper from days, maybe even a week old.  Flipping through headlines, reading excerpts, scanning articles and a ‘Health Supplement’ capsule ad took a quarter page.  It got my attention as it was selling a product that claims to be proven to increase brain memory functions. 


Hmm… I took a pause.  Read the entire ad from big fonts to fine print.  There was no sign of a FDA logo nor an approval.  I suppose that since its a considered a ‘health supplement’ compared to ‘over-the-counter’ and ‘prescription’ medications, the FDA requirement are much less stringent.  However, the key-points of this ad says that it’s ‘clinically’ proven with a ‘large’ pool of tested subjects vs. placebo, in an ‘extended’ length of period.  That’s all great with the scientifically parameters to be tested as ‘safe’ for consumption.
I’m not trying to be a jerk or a pain in the ass.  When even contraceptive inserts in a woman’s body are now being investigated that after years of clinical trials that there is a percentage of women experiencing more than minor problems – to further find out that some of the clinical trial reports are somewhat done haphazardly without thoroughness…
Then, to me, I question the claims of the supplement advertisement, not so much on the scientific methods to be using the word ‘clinically proven’, but who are the subjects in the pool?  Randomized selection of subjects from a larger pool of patients?  What were the measures and tests to prove that the subjects have truly improved their health – in the SHORT TERM?  AND, in the LONG TERM?  Were the subjects interviewed and tested again through an X-period of time to prove its efficacy?
  • Should there be more restrictive measures on health supplements?
  • What about the difference between herbal, all natural, organic compared to a chemical compound (or mixed)?
  • We go into any health store now these days and the number of health supplement bottles on the rack, it feels to me that I went into a ‘Jelly Bean’ candy store.  Other than reading from magazines, through word of mouth, TV shows – who knows what’s best for me?
  • Do I need a ‘one-day complete’, or do I need a ‘specific’ herbal and/or vitamin combo?
  • If my family Doctor says I’m ok, does it mean that I don’t need any?  But my reliable pharmacist says that it’s no harm to take an herbal/health supplement?  Who knows?
  • Should Doctors, Physicians work along with Nutritionists and Pharmacists to come up with the most tailored supplement necessary for my lifestyle?  For my needs – that enhances my energy levels?  Immune system?  Preventive measures because of genetic make-up that cholesterol or diabetes runs in the family?


I mumbled to myself for a bit longer.  It got me to think further on some of the medications TV/magazine ads that require a Physician/Doctor ‘prescription’.  For a 30-second TV ad-space, the first 10-seconds says how good it is to cure a certain illness and/or symptoms.  Then for the rest of the ad is all the ‘DON’Ts’ and ‘NOTs’, ‘CANNOTs’ be taken with, etc…  If a medication comes with a whole list of these, it sounds more like ‘complications’ than ‘proven’ to be effective, at least in my point of view.  Besides, it sounds like my life is going to go down the tubes where my lifestyle has to be completely be altered to a point where it doesn’t sound that I can enjoy my time, no?
Don’t get me wrong.  I do see that it’s great that pharmaceuticals are trying as hard as they could with bio-chemistists to come up with new solutions, new breakthroughs to cure illnesses that we’ve never dreamt that it would be possible.  But are we really coming up with medications that are positively helping patients – in the long run?
Thanks to FDA that we’re protected with anything that we can possibly put in our mouths and through the digestive system.  However, times have changed through the years, the way we approach ‘medications’ along with ‘health supplements’ are different.  Before one of these bottles of ‘Jelly Beans’ in the long run is actually causing abnormalities in human cells reproductions that may or may not cause cancer; a pricey class-action lawsuit that damages not only patients on good health that no compensation can be paid for with money – but also damaging our nation’s standard on being the forefront in medical/health field.  Should there be someway to monitor the progress on ‘prescriptions’ vs. ‘health supplements’?
The thing is it may seem that it’s a step forward.  What if the step forward is only for the short term?  After the short term to discover that you may have to walk two steps back and realize that you are in actually worse health condition than before you took the step…  So, is it all worthwhile after all?
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