Still on the 100-days of Trump Presidency

‪I was reading article from #CNN, with comment on why President Trump is flip-flopping from his campaign words to recent days. Maybe it’s because he treats most of the things he has to handle as a negotiation process, a deal, like a businessman. By giving himself the room to move and keeping his options open, hence the flip-flops, from his campaign, in his claims, in his words.‬

‪How helpful is this to Trump’s acceptance and job approval rates? The latest poll shows Trump drops to the lowest ever. To 30-something percent. Lower than any of his predecessors, to Obama and Bush. How will this affect his presidency with 3.5+ years to go. With still not hitting pass the first 100-days mark? What’s really annoying to me, for the least, is those he appointed under his administration, to be his advisors or what not. It seems like there’s too much changes, unstable, news of infighting, too “wishy-washy” if you may. Where it doesn’t show strength.‬

Well, another commentator, analyst was rather kind to Trump on #MSNBC last night who said that Trump is learning on the job. Said that he is a businessman after all. There is a learning curve to be in government, to be the President. The commentator was too nice, I think.‬

‪Anyway. To me, Trump is just over-confident, to being arrogant. At times, full-of-BS, just like his counterparts in the Congress! He’s departing from what the democrats have been doing, using more of diplomacy than hard-lining on military force.‬

‪Putting the Russian “meddling” and “hacking” that’s been roaming around this President on the side, on the latest, why did Trump just use one of the biggest bombs? This nicknamed “mother of all bombs” that holds up to 11-tons of conventional explosives. It is said to curtail the advancement and power of ISIS. I think, on this, just this by itself, instead of holding Congress member Nunes to hearings. Trump himself, instead of having Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary to talk and explain on the use of this weaponry. He owes the people, the public, an explanation.‬

What’s more? The escalation of tensions in the Sea of Japan. The confrontation of North Korea of possible nuclear capable missiles testing to co-military exercises of US and South Korea. How will this come-to? It is said that China, with the visit from Premier Xi Jin-Ping this past week to reel N. Korea in. Or, will this justify another pre-emptive attack that the media is speculating with President Trump.


1st Attempt: Writing Lyrics!

Never be the same again…
Never be the same…

Will I ever be the same?
The person that you knew, 
On the day when we met.

What is it about you,
What is it about me,
Still about you and me?
Where is the me and you,
On the day when we met.

There were the times of us,
It was the love between us.
The love we had,
Is it still with us,
Do we still have it with us?

The distance between us,
Further it is of you and me.
The days we are together,
Are we still in love,
Do we still have it in us?

To love, to love,
What is love,
Where is our love,
My love, my love.
Is it still the same?

Do we still love?
Like we used to,
Love each other.
Is it still the same?

It’s not the same…
Never be the same…

Love vs. Hate; Happiness vs. Pain

It’s been a while that I wrote a blog post.  I’ve changed the format.  Using the more quick way in voicing myself.  It’s social media instead. On Facebook (EGLEarnold) and twitter (Arnold_Mok).  Since I’ve been hospitalized, very much bed-bounded, with the need to use of a wheelchair, there’s not much to do.  TV, lots of TV and lots of network news.  Reading a little on news articles online.  Got me to become vocal on social media on what’s happening and on current events.

Anyway.  As the title suggests.  When does love become hate?  When does the feeling of happy become the aches of pain?

Denial.  Ignorance.  Confrontation.  And there’s no change.  Continuance of the same cycle.  Over and over again.  Until it’s unbearable, mentally and psychologically torturing.  It could be a type of violence.  Even with all the love you have, giving it all you can to a relationship.  Do you think that love will become hate?  Then, what happens?  As painful as it is, you cut the cord.  Oh shit… then, you realize it’s a dependent or a co-dependent relationship.  It’s going to get messy.  Oh let’s try… let’s try to work on things.  Let’s try to rekindle what’s lost.  Well, there you go, when it’s lost a long time ago, why bother.  Don’t bother.  Where is the love gonna be?  Will it magically land on you and the relationship again?  You better hope that there are sparks of fondness and love again somehow, somewhere.  If not, the love that used to be there just slowly turns into animosity, and depending on severity, to probably, hate.

You ask yourself.  Is it you and/or is it me?  Can we work on things?  Can we save the relationship?  I suppose, it’s asking, can you and I break the cycle of things, and on what was mentioned above.  Sometimes, it’s better to be apart, than to force things through, isn’t it.  And, this goes to say, forcing “the so-called” happiness through, does it equal to pain instead.

Being happy.  You wake up in the morning, feeling energized with sunny weather outside.  That could be a feeling of happiness, I would think.  Where it’s another day, another day of opportunity, that will bring you fun, excitement, or joy in whatever it is you’re doing.  Happiness is that simple, as to opening a bottle, a can of Coca-Cola.  The advertising campaign for years have been suggesting that happiness is this simple by “open happiness”, have a Coke, share a Coke.  What makes you happy?  What makes me happy?  In a relationship that is.  Have you asked these questions.  Are we expecting too much, are we expecting too little.  Are we receiving, are we giving — enough happiness.

On the flip side of things, the other side of happiness are, probably, depressed feelings.  Depending on the severity of depressional  thoughts, I think it becomes the feeling of pain.  There are many forms of pain.  There are many ways that we can inflict pain on others, in a relationship.  Unless you have some fetish on this, pain is not a thing that you’d like to bear too much, for too long.  You might become violent towards each other, or even suicidal, just because it’s too much to bear.  From emotional pain to physical pain to violence pain, it could all be inflicted in a relationship.

But why do we inflict pain on someone?  Or, on the other side, give happiness?  Does it come together now, when we think of happiness versus pain and then between love versus hate.  There is some connection.  I think there are plenty of examples in TV drama and in reality series that show this.  Somehow writers and actors are able to fully express this and make us glue onto the TV.  And then, sometimes I ask myself (and do you?), would I ever do that?  Well, that needs an extra pillow plopped up before bed-time and have a good think.  If there are thoughts of certain things, that are extreme, you might like to cool it down, on either love or hate, happiness or pain.  It’s not healthy and you probably need some therapist time to talk it through…